• Spotlight: Mr. Spruce; Head of Good Grooming

by Jack Baxter

Continuing our series of interviews with the great, the good, the weird, and the wonderful; today we're sitting down in front of a nicely grafitti'd wall to have a chat with our very own Andy Crawford (aka. Mr.Spruce, aka. Head of Good Grooming), one half of the Worthy & Spruce founders circle. 

Andy, what are the main loves of your life? When not making Worthy and Spruce awesome, where would we find you?

Easy one. My beautiful wife and my baby girl. I'm in the very privileged position of really enjoying my work but you can't beat family time! That's generally where I can be found when I'm not slogging away on the business; spending time with the fam and just enjoying the simple things.

What 5 items would we find in your bathroom cabinet?

You'd find a lot more than five for a start. I get to sample all sorts of weird and wonderful products in this business and many of them end up in the bathroom cabinet. When you're packing your overnight bag though, and you've really got to economise on space, that's when you realise what's essential to you. To that end, I'd say; moisturiser, beard balm, pomade, brush, cologne. Ahhh, that doesn't include toothpaste, or toothbrush, or deodorant though! Can I only have 5!?

What one grooming product can you not live without?

Moisturiser. It's a tough call but the Australian sun can wreak havoc on your skin. When you add the effects of salt water and yo-yoing humidity, it's recipe for dermatological disaster.

If you had 3 things to achieve for the rest of your life what would they be?

Wow. Big question! I'd say my priorities have changed a lot over the last couple of years. When I was younger I might have said the standard fame and fortune combo but now I'm a bit more reflective. It may sound a rather trite but making a positive difference in the world and in the lives of others is a much higher priority now. Even from a purely selfish perspective; it's incredible how much better you feel about yourself by just helping others!

When did your love affair with men’s grooming begin?

I guess only in my late 20's when I realised that my body wouldn't keep repairing itself to pristine condition like it did in my late teens and early 20's. I woke up to the fact that you've got to take care of yourself and you need to be a conscious consumer when it comes to the products you're using.

When I was younger I was content to buy that large tub of store-brand hair gel for dirt cheap but now when I see it I just think 'How can they possibly make this so cheaply? What's in it? What effect will it have on me? Who makes it? What conditions are they working and living in?'. 

It's really difficult to make responsible, informed choices about what we buy these days because we're all time-poor and overloaded with information. That's part of the reason behind Worthy & Spruce I guess. I want our customers to know that we've put in the hard yards for them to ensure that our products are all responsibly and ethically sourced. I mean, I'm going to have to do that all for myself anyway so I may as well pass that value on to others too, right?

Who takes up more room in the bathroom cabinet - you or your wife?

Hmmm, I'd say she's still ahead but I'm definitely closing the gap. It's a trend that's happening more broadly as well I think. Guys are taking more pride in their appearance and are willing to spend more time and money to find the right products for themselves. It's great to see because I think we men need a bit of pampering too, although we're not always willing to admit it.

How do you choose the products you stock at Worthy and Spruce?

It's generally a bit of a laborious process. But it needs to be, and we relish it. We pride ourselves on having a highly curated selection and only stocking the best of the best. And by that we mean the best for the customer, the best for their pockets, the best for the environment, the best for local businesses.

We like to work almost exclusively with Australian and New Zealand brands because we can visit them face to face, see how the products are produced, and make sure that there's nothing that raises a red flag. There's also the carbon footprint to consider when procuring stuff from overseas so that's another reason why we like to source local products.

In any case, it's only after we're satisfied that the product is great and that's it's produced in a responsible way do we get it out there on the (virtual) shelves.

What big plans are in store for the future of Worthy and Spruce? 

The past 12 months have been really great for us so it's been flat chat and we've just been running with it. We've been trying to take some time recently though to add some fantastic new products and to work on all the great feedback which we've had thus far.

Customers have been very keen on our accessories and apparel range so we're expanding that at present too. You'll also see some very schmick Worthy & Spruce branded items for sale soon which is incredibly exciting for us. And on the charity side of things, we recently strengthened our relationship with White Ribbon so now 10% of absolutely every sale goes to support their projects and initiatives. They're a great organisation and a great partner for us and I'm hoping that that relationship is just going to get stronger and stronger with time.


So there you have it; a bit of a glimpse inside the mind of Mr.Spruce. If you want to find out more about the business in general check out the link here. You can also sign up to the mailing list, all the social media stuffs, like things, share said things with friends, etc. Whatever the cool kids are doing really.

Till next time!

Mr. Jack Baxter. 

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Jack Baxter
Jack Baxter


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