Beard Care

Here at Worthy and Spruce we think beards and moustaches are the bee’s knees. Mutton hops, handlebars, goatees, chin curtains, Hollywoodians, Tom Sellecks, anchors, Balbos, sidewhiskers, Van Dykes, and Merlins; whatever you sport, you’ve come to the right place.

We’re on a mission; a mission to supply the modern man a taste of the old-fashioned, classic, and high-quality beard care accessories, styling kits and grooming products that you won’t find on any supermarket shelf.

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From combs and conditioners to balms and brushes, we stock all of the beard products you need to give your manly mane the care it deserves. We also offer the Ultimate Beard Care Tool Kit, the Essentials Tool Kit and a variety of other packages to suit the needs of even the most rebellious bristles.

Our entire range of beard products is carefully curated so as to include only the best products on the market, and we source everything as ethically and sustainably as possible, as part of our belief in corporate social responsibility.

Whether you rock a curly, clean-cut crop, a smattering of stiff stubble, or wild whiskers, you can buy everything you need to keep it looking snazzy from the comfort of your own home and be safe in the knowledge that we’ll deliver it to your door quickly and with a minimum of fuss.

We offer delivery of all of our beard grooming products throughout Australia, New Zealand and beyond, and shipping to addresses Down Under is free for orders of $50 and above.

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